Outdoor Media Industry of Pakistan

The industry spent 11 Billion on outdoor media in Top 5 cities. This amount is 65% of the total asset value in these cities, 35% of media remained vacant.
The top 3 market leaders spent 11% of the total industry across top 5 cities of Pakistan.
Fashion & Lifestyle brands were the top spenders and contributed 19% and an estimated 2.2 Billion in ad-spent followed by Telecom and Fast Food with 824 million and 545 million respectively.
Top 10 categories hold more than half of the share in annual advertised spent which is 6.8 billion in value.
Karachi holds 50% of the industry value whereas Lahore holds only 15% of the boards but has the most expensive mediums amongst the top 5 cities and contributes 27% to the industry value.
The top 3 Brands contributed 5% which is 654 million to the annual advertise share.